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tonight, they are older, they are whiter than america, and they eastern more money and are better educated. that's right. the tea party is made up of elite, well-off intellectuals of sorts who are out of step with the real america, and they are very deeply confused. 84% of them think their movement reflects the view of most americans, but 73% of them are conservative, while only 35% of the real america is. 92% wants smaller government with fewer services, which only 50% of the real america want. 39% of real america correctly blames president bush for most of the deficit. 6% of tea partiers do. half of the real america wants government spending to create jobs, which only 17% of tea partiers want. and while only 19% of the real america call themselves angry at washington, more than half of tea partiers do. which brings us neatly to today's tea party rally on the capitol. >> hey, you look happy to me. you don't look angry. that's because you get it. and you are smart enough to get off your couch and do something about it. so this november, what do you say? let's take back our country. how man
on a playground. >> no administration in america's history would ever have considered such a step we just found out president obama is supporting today. you know, that's kind of like getting out there on the playground, a bunch of kids ready to fight and one of the kids saying, go ahead, punch me in the face and i'm not going to retaliate. no. it's unacceptable. this is another thing that the american public, the more that they find out what is a part of it agenda, they're going to rise up and they're going to say no more. national defense, national security is the number one job of the federal government. >> that woman is an idiot. earlier on abc's "world news tonight," the president asked by george stephanopoulos to respond to sarah palin. >> i really have no response to that. last i checked, sarah palin's not much of an expert on nuclear issues. >> all right. he put it better than i did. let's turn to richard bert, former ambassador to germy, the u.s.'s first negative negotiate yater for the first s.t.a.r.t. treaty signed by president bush in 1991. he is not u.s. chairman of global zero, an
negative. the global standing of america is in the words of the polling company's chairman, clearly on the rise. obviously it's the obama effect. people like our president. in fact, he's the most popular leader in the world. so what are we going to do with this renewed world leadership? one thing we should do is lead. tonight we had james cameron on the show. he gave us the most successful movie in history which tells what the people of this planet have exploited it so badly, abused its natural resources to the breaking point, then head to other worlds to find the means of sustaining life. it's what happens when mankind abuses the habitat in which he was born. a half century ago an american statesman addressed this very issue, quote, we travel together, passengers on a little space ship dependent on its reserves of air and soil, all committed for our safety to its security and peace, preserved from annihilation only by the care, the work, and i will say, the love we give our fragile craft. that was adlai stevenson the american ambassador the to the united nations speaking in geneva
old industries new life. and there's a train that got a whole city moving again. somewhere in america, the toughest questions are answered every day. because somewhere in america, more than sixty thousand people spend every day answering them. siemens. answers. so, at national, i go right past the counter... and you get to choose any car in the aisle. choose any car? you cannot be serious! okay. seriously, you choose. go national. go like a pro. >>> mitt romney a socialist? ronald reagan a leftist dreamer? rupert murdoch jumps the shark. >>> and the west virginia warnings, the miners were worried that methane levels were far too high before the explosion. and three months ago, inspectors found the fresh air relief systems were operating backwards, blowing out breathable air from the mine. >>> federal officials saying late this afternoon it is still too dangerous to send rescue crews back into a west virginia coal mine to search for four miners after an explosion killed 25 others already discovered. three workers complained to their congressman they were worried about unsafe working co
>>> good evening from new york. the month of march we learned today not only saw america add jobs but was the best month for job creation in three years. republicans responded by asking why president obama is doing nothing about jobs. the numbers themselves are nothing spectacular on their own, but compared to the past two years they represent a seed change in the economic direction. 162,000 more americans went to work in march than did the month before. and it turns out revises figures show that january, too, had seen an increase in jobs, rather than the loss earlier reported. unemployment remains unchanged at 9.7%. speaking at a north carolina battery plant expanding at hiring new workers, president obama told employees a lottery mains to be done to bring america's economy all the way back. but we are beginning to turn the corner. >> just one year ago we were losing more than 700,000 jobs each month. but the tough measures that we took, measures that were necessary, even though sometimes they were unpopular have broken this and are helping us to climb out of this recession. we'v
nuke terrorist icon looks like this and this and even this. coincidence? wake up, america. >> the pigly wiggly, i new it. "countdown with keith olbermann" starts right now. have a great night. >>> which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? smoking gun, as the tea party express in boston draws only 5,000, the idea that it is independent grassroots, destroyed. politico finds a 2009 memo, republican consultants dreamt it up and planned it as a way to raise money for their pac and planned how to promote it on fox news. independents who aren't, news that is propaganda. >> tea party express, we applaud you for uniting and for putting up with the bs from the lame stream media. >> but the memo shows, madam, it's all a congame. >>> the oklahoma politicians bid to create a state militia to fight against the federal government. the president shall be commander in chief of the army and navy of the united states and the militia of the several states. uh-oh. our guest, john dean. >> that old beach boy song, bomb iran, you know, bomb, bomb, bomb. >> then it was just funny. now on iran,
into a socialist united states. today, the heritage foundation the conservative think tank here said america is no longer a free nation. it's a mostly free nation. they rank countries every year and they dropped america. so now we're living in a not so free united states according to the heritage foundation. people are picking up on this and their paranoia is really kicking in. there was a lot of anticipation about what the health care bill would do. no one is waiting to see that. they're already acting as if it was the worst-case scenario. first, we had obama, the foreigner, the guy wasn't born here, coming in and taking over the government. creating a regime as rush limbaugh calls it. now he's imposing socialism. anybody who lives in a socialist country, whether europe or any place else would be laughing at this as a notion of socialism. there is a -- this -- this has become the battle front for people who are worried about the very nature of this country. i think ray lot of the worry is irrational, but they're directing it at this. >> steve? >> one thing i think we've got to keep in mind,
that way he could just say when -- she could be the devil. she could say, i hate america. i want to destroy america. and that way they'll only be able to say, well, why do you hate gay, immigrant, black, handicapped women? >> yeah, because we all saw how effectively being a black woman insulates you from republican accusations that you hate america. so which radicals top president obama's short list? according to most reports, solicitor general elaine in a kagan, so radical she only got seven republican votes last year. federal judge diane woods' name is being mentioned. along with names outside the judiciary, michigan governor jennifer granholm. let's bring in george washington university professor jonathan turley. >> hi, keith. >> what do you think is the impact on the court of justice stevens leaving? >> for liberals, it's a very sad moment. stevens was part of what you would call the greatest generation for liberals on the court. it's like watching the passing of world war ii veterans. this was, he came at the hayday of the liberal court. he served with marshall brennan. these were gian
process. we've had the nuclear posture review that came out and made the same statement, that america's threats tend to be more with nonstate actors than with states today. we had the u.s./russia s.t.a.r.t. agreement and all of this is flowing into an every five year rue view of the nuclear proliferation treaty, and i think right now they're trying to say we're getting back into building global institutions and working collaboratively with other nations to move security up and to try to show that america can contribute in positive ways to the global community, rather than destabilizing global affairs. >> that treaty amendment called on nations to protect their own nuclear materials, essentially at their own discretion, which begs this question. why in this supposedly post 9/11 world has it taken more than eight years to address the nuclear terrorist threat specifically? >> well, there are two things going on. first, under the leadership of people like john bolton, who used to be under secretary of state for arms control in the bush administration also served as ambassador of the unite
in america, economics is the beginning and the end of most successful political endeavors. let's remember that arizona was the last state to approve a national holiday for martin luther king. and one of the things they did, it cost them hundreds of millions of dollars, when the african-american community across this country called for boycotts. finally, they were 50th, but they did it. they did it because they risked economics in the state of arizona. because, as you have stated, look, when the police intervene with me or with you or with anyone, it should be on the basis of our conduct. our behavior. not the country they suspect we came from and whether or not we were born here or not. that -- i'll tell you something. the criminal element, those human smugglers, the drug dealers, the rapists, those causing so much damage in arizona and across this country, they've got to be happy with this law. because what is going to happen is the eyes, the ears, that the police need so much of the community in general, so that they can combat crime, they're going to cause a division between the people
to figure out who among them is really ready to say no, america does not need to reform wall street. president obama today took on two of the story lines republicans have advanced about the democratic bills, sometimes even before the bills were written. first the republican claim that the senate bill includes future bailouts for the banks, encouraging them to take more risks. in fact, the bill forces the banks to create a fund that would be used for liquidating banks. >> what's not legitimate is to suggest that somehow the legislation being proposed is going to encourage future taxpayer bailouts, as some have claimed. that makes for a good sound bite, but it's not factually accurate. it is not true. in fact, the system as it stands -- [ applause ] the system as it stands is what led to a series of massive costly taxpayer bailouts, and it's only with reform that we can avoid a similar outcome in the future. in other words, a vote for reform is a vote to put a stop to taxpayer-funded bailouts. that's the truth. >> president obama also addressed the other republican argument, a perenni
. ♪ [ male announcer ] every business day, bank of america lends nearly $3 billion dollars to individuals, institutions, schools, organizations and businesses in every corner of the economy. ♪ america. growing stronger. every day. ♪ does two jobs... at once. one: kills weeds to the root. two: forms a barrier, preventing new ones for up to four months. roundup extended control. >>> senator john mccain, former presidential nominee and current bid for renomination, to that senate, has today officially evolved from bomb, bomb, bomb iran to pull the trigger. the emergence of the ayatollah mccain. just one day after president obama's nuclear security summit, mccain has undercut the president of the united states and policy towards iran and called for unilateral action. in his opening statement at a senate hearing on iran today, mccain observed that the u.s. has backed off of taking direct action against that nation despite its potential nuclear threat. >> so make no mistake, if iran achieves a nuclear weapons capability, it will not be because we couldn't stop it, but because we chose not t
carries the flag for the america envisioned by the founding fathers. jefferson and madison would like this senator because he honors the institutions of our republic. he exemplifyies government as i was meant to be, philosophical debate, good faith negotiation and just as important, action. we debate, find agreement, we act. i've watched senator graham on any number of issues since he came to congress. on an impressive number of occasions, he has been the indispensable lawmaker, the senator who accepts the oath of wide opinion and patriotic passions. he worked for the past year to find a bill that would meet america's energy needs, but also the need for renewables down the road. he has shown courage for concern. he has joined a sound approach to immigration reform that would deal in a realistic way with people living in the country illegally. but also insists on a workable system for the illegal hiring of immigrants. his comprehensive reform in which he has been joined by john kerry. good immigration policy, good americanism. graham recently criticized the senate democratic leadership
are not regional country like america or like england. and this condition for our country is okay. it could be better, but it's okay. this prison experience, i'm going to be another man. i'm going to be looking about freedom in another way. to appreciate freedom, to appreciate to walk in the park, to drink coke, to see birds, sky, freedom is freedom. that's all. >> while c.z.'s urban setting and concrete surroundings make some long for simple pleasures, our crew headed deeper into serbia and found a prison that except for the razor wire was almost a natural paradise. [ vrrroooooomm! ] black one! where? [ vrrroooooomm! ] black one! where? [ vrrroooooomm! ] black one! ow! where? [ male announcer ] the volkswagen tiguan. the only compact suv with a turbocharged engine, standard. [ vrrroooooomm! ] black one! where? there. [ male announcer ] starting at $23,200. it's a whole new volkswagen, and a whole new game. because with national, i roll past the counter... and choose any car in the aisle. choosing your own car? now that's a good call. go national. go like a pro. >>> 38 miles southeast of be
. if the republicans are right, they watch them filibuster on behalf of america's oldest, most hated natural enemy on the choice of voters, that is, the vested big money interests. the gop kicking off a possible implosion by handing harry reid the opportunity to call them out today on a so-called secret meeting between mitch mcconnell, john cornyn and wall street fat cats. republicans are still united in their opposition to president obama's wall street reform bill, claiming to have the 41 votes they would need to keep the bill from coming to a vote. the aides citing a letter that minority leader mcconnell send to majority leader reid last week in which senator mcconnell did not explicitly say the republicans would filibuster but maintained the votes were there to do so. among those votes, senator collins whom the white house had been hoping to win over. telling reporters, she wants to go to the floor with a bipartisan bill. from the health care debate, we all know what that is, a republican bill they want the majority to accept. majority leader reid responding in a statement saying senator mcconn
breakout around the world, particularly if iran does acquire a weapon. this shows america is serious about trying to hold a common good of security and balance and putting muscle behind it. i think it is both a blunt force instrument with north korea and iran to some degree, and also a soft way to bring them back. >> to the other end of the global social contract, as you phrased it, steve, that we might still be moving too far and too quickly. is that likely to be a prevalent reaction worldwide? >> i talked to senior members of the administration this evening. you know, they have briefed russia, they have briefed china. as best we know they are quite onboard with what is going on. egypt, turkey, saudi arabia, that could be possibly nuclear follow-on countries if iran were to move forward are largely onboard. i think what the president has done is done a masterful job of communicating we want to reduce the footprint, if you will, of nuclear weapons in america's defense posture. but at the same time we don't want to narrow it in such a way that it takes the pressure off some that are still o
they're going to get past this one. >> well, they're america's sweethearts, i guess they'll get back together again. fox makes these tea parties a hell of a lot more money with cheerleading than ticket sales. why is that not a problem for fox or for mr. murdoch? >> it should be a problem for fox and it should be a problem for mr. murdoch. it hasn't been because americans have largely become desensitized to what we're seeing from fox news as the unprecedented, you know, politicization of our news. it's operating as a political campaign not a news organization. so as you look at this, i think what's happening now is in the wake of murdoch's comments last week or my colleague in the question put to mr. murdoch, there's been a lot more heat from the media on fox and their relationship with the tea party. and fox really needs to maintain this illusion of journalistic credibility to be able to continue to operate as a 24/7 political campaign that you use a a fear tactics, that deliberately lies to their viewers and the american people. so for them, i think it's an important business decisi
finds climate solutions. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. take things as they come? i've got an idea. or improvise? maxwell house custom-roasts each bean... for a full-flavored cup of coffee. so you can be good to the last drop. absolutely! i have a lot of stuffiness at night. it wakes me up. i have allergies. ♪ you're right. i'm getting more air. -oh, yeah. -oh, wow! [ female announcer ] for two free samples, go to breatheright.com. >>> president obama's supreme court nominee is not just a liberal but a radical. a socialist. or will be when the republicans get through with him or her. does that mean the president is free to nominate someone who actually is a liberal? >>> and you've heard of republican chicken hawks. meet the chicken doc. she thinks her health care plan is finger-licking good. that will make sense later. >>> and the geico announcer is fired, that's all ahead on "countdown." een thinking... no. you know how... no. so, doc, i
? health care reform was sold as the apocalypse. the end of america, pulling of the plug for granny, death panels. and yet there hasn't been any republican who proposed repealing those things. the burr version is essentially tweaks. >> they have been. you can't really promise to repeal something that's not going to exist. that's the problem. one of the white house's fairy tales that got borne out. now that the bill passed, republicans are focusing on things like companies that say they're going to suffer when this goes through. that's not as scary as tying down grandmother and making her stay quiet or something. that's not something they can campaign against anymore. it's really the first time in months that republicans are unable to come up with a coherent message of what they're going to do if voters trust them. how they're going to stop barack obama. they're moving their way through a forest they don't understand. we're used to these people being on message. >> do the tea partiers see the at all yet how they have been played here? they got whipped into a fearful frenzy for one purpose,
they have to protect america by rising up against their commander in chief rather than following the orders of the commander in chief should produce great anxiety for us. on the other hand, as progressives, we have to care about the question of conscience. and so we have to be worried about wanting soldiers to also be human beings. and so i think we have to be really careful about what elements of this particular piece within the military we denounce. >> right. but now -- are we to be more encouraged by -- more discouraged by the fact that representative and an elected representative is connected into this? or this military officer was connected? is that more discouraging than it is encouraging that there was such a -- as we said before -- hasty retreat? such a blowback that the military officer had to bend over backwards to indicate he's not going to get himself shot for treason? >> absolutely. it's always a good thing to see the retreat. but i am deeply concerned about the fact that elected leaders are encouraging movements against the federal government. listen, you know, secession is re
climate solutions. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. mayo's always saying how real it is. we agree. it's real... boring. ♪ are you up for some sandwich-kicking flavor? are you miracle whip? because with national, i roll past the counter... and choose any car in the aisle. choosing your own car? now that's a good call. go national. go like a pro. >>> the breaking news at this hour, at 3:00 p.m. eastern this afternoon, the mine country in raleigh county, west virginia, shook with an all-too-familiar sound. six miners are dead after an explosion at the upper big branch mine. at this point even camera crews have not reached the area and obviously we're relying on visual aids and graphics. the plant's owner, massey energy providing no details about the explosion, except to say five trained rescue teams from its company and a second company were now on the scene trying to get to these trapped miners, believed to be trapped miners. the upper big branch
weapon. >> let's turn now to the director of the american strategy program at the new america foundation and author of s the foreign policy blog, the washington note, steve clemenses. thank you for your time tonight. >> great to be with you. >> we pull the trigger on iran and what happens afterwards? >> well, first thing that happens, what we've been hearing death to the dictator goes back to death to america again. the cia was involved in overthrowing a democratically-elected leader in iran in 1953 and i think to many iranians this will look like that again. and if we bomb iran, every major intelligence and military expert i know says it's only a delaying tactic. so you end up with a much angrier iran with nuclear weapons down the road. while you can delay and pre-empt some of the activity we see now, it's a sure fire way of creating either a terrorist super highway right up to the edge of israel, and an iran that begins to flex its muscles globally. on a lot of other fronts. and i think it's a very, very nasty picture that john mccain is talking recklessly about. >> he seemed to be hin
, making the analogy, quote, america is a lot like disney world, once you get a ticket, you're in. you don't have to keep showing your ticket to ride the rides. that's the whole point of liberty. bloomberg of new york city saying the immigration law is not good for the country. we love immigrants here. mr. bloomberg saying he believes the country is committing national suicide if lawmakers evade tackling immigration reform. president obama saying tone that his administration will play an active role in working with both republicans and democrats on immigration. and earlier tonight, senate majority leader reid and fellow democrats unveiling what they call a framework for a sweeping overhaul of federal immigration laws. the highest ranking hispanic in the senate pointing out this economy would likely come to a standstill without immigrant workers. >> this morning, if you had breakfast and you had fruit for breakfast, it was probably picked by the bent back of an immigrant worker. if you had chicken for dinner last night, it was probably plucked by the cut-up hands of an immigrant worker. if
. is that what we want in america? the birther bill passed the arizona house of representatives. it calls for future presidential candidates to prove they are citizens. and the arizona secretary of state discretion to keep a candidate's name off the ballot for reasonable cause and would apply to president obama should he run for re-election in 2012, another way for the birthers to sue over the president's citizenship. pass lawsuits have been summarily dismissed. let's bring in congressman raul grijalva of arizona's seventh district. thank you for your time. >> thank you, keith. >> i have never heard a congressman proposing retribution against his own state. i'm assuming you are angrier about this than i am. >> no. it is -- we are codifying into law if the governor signs this, racial profiling, discrimination under the constitution, we're codifying the fact that law enforcement now has a free hand to stop anybody that looks the part in terms of undocumented people, ask them for verification. it is unprecedented. it is a horrible, horrible precedent for the nation. and it -- and we can't al
it is. so we need a new industrial revolution. >> america's secretary of energy, professor steven chu, is a nobel prize-winning physicist. he deals in science fact. >> we had incredible energy resources. so we built an energy structure and a set of habits based on abundant energy for 200 years. >> rapid global industrialization has helped create mobile prosperity. but it is also addicted the world to fossil fuels now poisoning and warming our planet. in the next 20 years, we'll need 60% more power to satisfy the new emerging global economist. but what will be the source of that new power? fossil fuels? nuclear? hydroelectric? each has advantages and risks. another. >> our generation's response to this challenge will be judged by history. for if we fail to meet it boldly, swiftly, and together, we risk consigning future generations to an irreversible catastrop catastrophe. >> oil is the fossil fuel that drives the world's economy. oil is black gold, dirty, but precious. the world is hooked. >> you look back at the history of the 20th century, in some ways, it's a history in oil. it's b
, end of america. death panels for everybody else. and yet there hasn't been any republican who has proposed repealing any of those things. they have not put it at all in those terms. the burr version of this is essentially tweaks. >> you can't promise to repeal something that's not going to exist. that's one of the white house's fairy tales that got born out. after the bill has passed, republicans are focused on things that companies that say they're going to suffer when this goes through. that's not quite as scary as tying down grandmother and making her take the quiet or something. they're finding around the edges, it's the first time in months that republicans are unable to come up with a coherent message of what they're going to do if voters ask them how to stop barack obama. they're moving their way through a fos. that's strange. we're used to them being on message. >> the tea partiers are seeing how they got played? they got whipped into a frenzy for one purpose, to protect insurance companies? >> the tea partyists are expecting repeal. you can't go to a town hall and deny yo
in huge influx of folks immigrating from arizona to america. push the button, frank. the button of revenge against the outsiders. and tonight's winner, from@bishop ap, beck says bush was progressive? i thought beck thought progressives were nazis. i'll get a chalkboard and pretend to figure it out. that's beck, 20% off. off his ratings since january. let's play "oddball." >>> we'll try it again. another cluster cluck in brighten, massachusetts. i didn't know sue lowden had fans this side of the mississippi. i didn't know i could say it twice. after last night's show, you never know. these folks are hoping to make history with the world's largest rubber chicken toss. 265 people tossing hundreds of them, which means they broke a world record or have been bartering for group health care plan. >>> in shanghai, the brand-new obama nightclub, no memorabilia or photos of the president inside, but the club's owner dragon chang says the name was inspired by obama's change platform. we also hope this nightclub, a pinnacle of culture and entertainment can be an instrument of change. changing your clo
the adordable kittens or nominate summer as america's official feel good season read every word and ask yourself am i helping john boehner. >> also blame a.c.o.r.n. somehow. >> yes! >> thank you, kent. that does it for us tonight. "countdown with keith olbermann" starts right now. good night. >>> which of these stories will you be talking about tomorrow? rebellion in arizonastan. the sheriff of people county from tucson of the mexican border says he has no intention of enforcing the new "show me your papers law." claurns dupnick calls it unnecessary, racist, disgusting. the sheriff joins us. yet others demand more. we want the national guard on the border says poe of texas. congressman hunter the younger of california wants deportation of children born here to undocumented immigrants because the kids' souls are not american enough. >> it takes more than walking across the border to become an american citizen. it's what's in our souls. >> it sure is. >>> and the half governor as usual sees a plot. >> i think that president obama is playing to his base on this one and i think that's quite unfortun
to the democrats. murdoch's extraordinary meltdown ahead. somewhere in america... the slightest breeze harbors immense power. the tallest buildings leave the lightest footprints. a fifty-ton train makes barely a mark on the environment. and a country facing climate change finds climate solutions. somewhere in america, we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. ♪ [ male announcer ] every business day, bank of america lends nearly $3 billion dollars to individuals, institutions, schools, organizations and businesses in every corner of the economy. america. ♪ growing stronger. every day. >>> we have some breaking news for you tonight from the denver international airport. a flight on the ground there now having landed saflly, united flight 663, a 757. federal investigators are looking into the possibility of a suspicious passenger and possibly something worse. this is a flight that left dca reagan national airport from washington, d.c. on time at 5:19 p.m. it arrived on time at denve
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tourists to travel in the united states of america, specifically, in the state of arizona. in our story tonight, arizona's reaction to its porous borders has created common ground for everyone from a tea party senate candidate to the city of san francisco and all of latin america. the head of the organization of american states calling the law discriminatory. mexico president calderon said the new law which poses time in prison if stopped, opens the door to intolerance, hate and abuse. the alert from mexico's foreign relations office warning residents arizona's biggest source of tourism of that state's adverse political environment in which mexican citizens could be bothered and questioned without much cause. mexican legislators are pondering a trade boycott with arizona, which sends a third of its exports with mexico. san francisco officials are looking at boycotts and how to cancel contracts with arizona companies, a move endorsed by the nation's largest spanish language newspaper. l.a.'s city council today introduced a boycott resolution there. d.c.'s city council is expected to cons
are grappling with in america. that is, how do we figure out what this mysterious race card is? i'm black, and yet when i was born i wasn't given, i don't know, maybe ten race cards that i could deploy in order to get out of jail free whenever i wanted. but that seems to be how michael steele is using it here. we need to be really careful. because there have been, again, other moments when conservative african-americans have attempted to use race to explain the negative situation in which they find themselves. the key example here would be clarence thomas during his confirmation hearing saying that what was going on was a high-tech lynching. what we saw was a dramatic increase among african-american supporters when he described what he was experiencing as a lynching. even though as a matter of history, no black man has been lynched by a whis man for something he did to a black woman. so it was a poor use historically, reasonably, in terms of what we were looking at. in this case, we similarly have to say that what michael steele is talking about, you know, he's being persecuted or that he
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